Too many times I feel like people are trying to impress the wrong people. We get all done up to impress strangers, attract people of interest, make friends, ect. Is there ever a time where we work THAT hard to try and impress the people who really matter? One reason I think people forget to establish and build HONEST relationships with their family members is because there's this notion that they will always be there unconditionally. This may be true, BUT isn't something always greater when you put energy, time, and effort into it? Isn't something more fulfilling when you helped build it up to what it is?

Not all families have members who are there to support you, not all family members have unconditional love to give, but there's always going to be someone in your corner when it comes to family. A mother who birthed you, a father who taught you well, a grandmother who brought you in, a sibling who has become your best friend. These are people that you can never replace, not even if you tried or wanted to.
I wish people would understand that there's not always going to be a time to tell your mother that you love her, or your father, cousin, uncle, sister. A time will come when all you have left is you...and when that time comes, you will have wished you established something more.

Friends, co-workers, and general people come and go, you can never replace the blood you are connected with.


Anonymous said...

Usually the time to say that you love someone is either at a their birthday. Or if they are on their death bed.

Saying "i love you" too much makes the feeling get dull when you do say it.

Families are all different. Some are more open minded than others when it comes to being an individual.

Bonnie said...

im not blood but i love you audreyyyyy ;love bonnie <3

Brudda. said...