1. Everyone blogs about the same shit. It's annoying as fuck.
2. The internet is boring as shit. Seriously.
3. Kat Stacks and Soulja Boy should stop being talked about. They're both dumbasses.
4. Men lie.....So do women.
5. Adobe helped me steal their own programs.
6. I start sophomore college classes this Monday.
7. I bought my little brother a blackberry.
8. ...and upgraded mine.
9. I haven't seen Takers yet...and I'm mad about it.
10. Trey Songz has been on HEAVY rotation lately.
11. I still need to throw some music reviews, blog roll, and a new header on here...
12. Oh yeah! If you are my friend on Facebook you already know, but I have dark hair no. No more pink.


El'Aundra Dolce said...

do tell me more about adobe!!!