A lot of people use "I'm a product of my environment" as an excuse for both negative and positive situations. I don't know which is more prevalent, but is it true? Let's say you grow up in the hood, had to struggle for whatever you have, and worked hard to get it. So...wouldn't that mean you're environment made you a strong person with a level-head? I mean, this isn't always true, BUT I feel like that's what a person would get out of that situation. So....how come if someone gets caught up, goes to jail, or fails...they use the "P.O.M.E" excuse? You're reasoning should be because you made a mistake.

Okay, another example....You lived in an abusive household, watched your parents be abusive...so that's why you are fighting at school, or hitting on your significant other? I mean....doesn't that sound backwards? People really say that shit. It's a cop out. I don't walk out and say "Oh...I live in a single-parent household where I struggle every day for what I got, so I...". I DO live in a single-parent household and I DO go through struggles EVERY SINGLE DAY, not that the next person doesn't, but this is my environment. And guess what? I'm a sophomore in college, I have a job, and I work for EVERYTHING that I own and I provide for my family all at 19 years old. Now tell me how that works? I'll never use my environment as an excuse for what I have, don't have, how I act, or how I'm not acting.

I think some of you should wake up and realize that you can only use that excuse for so long...and then people aren't going to let it suffice anymore.


Becki Lawrie said...

you sound like a strong person, good job for working hard for everything. There needs to be more hard working people like you that dont complain etc.

Supastarrr said...

Well, tell 'em.
It's all psychological, nature vs. nurture. You're born one way or your environment raises you. I don't think the whole POME thing is a cop out, more of a weakness, meaning, you weren't strong enough to be bigger than your environment & do you. Kinda like w| peer pressure. If you're pressured into doing something, obv you're a weak-minded individual.

Adina Renée. said...

i really agree, excuses get old & thanks, i like your layout as well.