Today there has been a lot of music movement. Legoooo!

ONE. Singer Lloyd who recently signed to Zone 4 did a track with 50 cent. I personally don't understand the reasonsing for 50 being on this track because who the fuck is 50 nowadays? But, there's supposedly a lot of controversey around the collab since Lloyd's move to the new label. I dig the track, though.

Lloyd feat. 50 cent - "Let's Get It In" || DOWNLOAD

TWO Jeezy is hypin up TM103. I'm lovin this track. It's dope. Jeezy is one of my favorite rappers, so we'll see what happens. I wasn't a fan of the last mixtape, though.

Young Jeezy - "Amen" || DOWNLOAD

THREE. Chris Brown has been all over the place lately. He did numbers with the "Takers" movie, blazin charts with "Deuces", and recently dropped a pop track to keep his music relevant. I'm a huge supporter of Chris Brown and have been since day one. I don't however like his recent pop track. I like the R&B Chris. So, if you're looking for the recent dropped track, you won't find it here. What you will find is a clip of Chris Brown's USTREAM session he did today. He discusses his new album, the "Deuces" remix that will feature certain artists, and also mentions a tour. Watch the clip below, thanks to THISISBUCKWILD.COM.

FOUR. Everyone has been speakin about the new Weezy album. It dropped today. I haven't listened to it, yet. From the leaks that have came out, I think it'll be nice. I'm not a fan of the "rock" Wayne. I think that shits a mess, but check it out.

Lil Wayne - "I Am Not A Human Being" || DOWNLOAD

FIVE. My homie J. Add, comin straight out of California, dropped a new track. Listen and download below.

J. Add - "Mr. Solo Dolo" || DOWNLOAD



e. said...

I don;t care for Wezzy anymore, but that Jezzy is the business!