Sometimes you forget the happiness you have in life. When you're in a hard situation, you forget that you have friends, family, favorite songs, jokes, and even just waking up each day to be thankful for. Its hard to not be selfish in tough situations, but you have to think positively. Usually we forget that most of us are more blessed than many people. We take things for granted. And people. We never really realize how happy people make us until their no longer present.

I've realized that us, people as a whole, depend on too many other things or people to make ourselves happy. If everyone is so independent, strong-willed, and carefree like they claim, then why is it so hard for us to make OURSELVES happy on our OWN? The relevance of things that we put on a "holier than thou" pedestal is astonishing. Why though?

I really think that everyone is too materialistic and driven by other peoples' ideas and emotions. I think people should live for themselves and really just make their life better. Stop depending on other people to bring satisfaction to your life.


Alisha Bright said...

that is soo true sometimes we forget the good things in life..!

Anonymous said...

i couldn't have said it any better myself. its human nature to feel sorry for ones self and to even look for comfort, but one can not let those feelings control them. the grieving process is just that, a process... to becoming something much better.

e. said...

You said a mouth-full. That's why I tell people to quit complaining, think on good things, and think about how some have it worst than you.