Yet again, Sir Flywalker brings you some dope music.

Sir Flywalker has decided to release his first project that he's doing solo, today! It's 10.10.10 at 10:10 PM. On a personal level, I can tell you that Flywalker is a very hard worker in what he does. He's very appreciative, and very humble. On a business level, Flywalker doesn't play. He stays on his grind and keeps shit flowing smoothly.

One thing that I like about this dude is that, he isn't rapping about things that aren't unrealistic to his life. He keeps it real and honest. Another thing I like about Sir Flywalker, and the group he's a part of, is that they don't rap about gang shit or shit that everyone else is rappng about. It's a breath or fresh air and it's honestly GOOD music. It's hard to find that in music today.

From front to back, this is dope. My favorite tracks are "Promise", "Balanced Breakfast", and "L.A.M.E", but "The Storm" is the track I dig the most. There's also an instrumental that's overly amazing called "Make Me Wanna".


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triceee . said...

dope mixtape, I really like The Storm, L.A.M.E, Chasing Planes, and Promise. loving your blog though Audrey, keep up the good work :)