So, I know a few of my readers are going to kill me, BUT I must stress the fact that I may have been mislead. I've never went and actually tried to listen to J. Cole. Everything I heard of his was either put in front of me or just....there. Whatever the case may be, none of the songs that I have heard of his really spearked my interest or really intrigued me at all. I feel like he's kind of annoying and repetitive....too repetitive.

Some people say that I may have just heard some of the wrong songs of his and got the wrong impression. This may be the case because either he's too hyped up, or dude really is nice.

I recently found out J. Cole was coming to Omaha, Nebraska to perform. Now....I'm still undecided about going, but this song did move my feelings about him a little bit.

J. Cole - "Relaxation" || DOWNLOAD

I just fell in love with this song. Shout out to my homie, Trey.

Trey || BLOG

Go visit Trey's blog. It's hella dope. No lies.


Supastarrr said...

Halfway turned out? -evil grin-