Where the FUCK do we start with T.I, though? There was so many people waiting for him to get out and just roll with some new shit, but I guess he still on old shit.

October 15th, T.I will go before a judge to see if his probation from the 2009 gun charges will be revoked or not. After recently getting caught with "controlled substances" while on probation, we shall see how this goes.

I think he needs to sit the fuck down some where and stop doin dumb shit. That is all.


Alisha Bright said...

I AGREE..! I have space at my house for him to sit and think.. he could take a life time if he wanted...! I have time..! lol

@RonaldRanier said...

...I'm not even wasting my prayers on him. *next

triceee . said...

shame on it all, can't really say much about it.