During this time of year people are worried about gifts and buying and everything materialistic. Don't get me wrong, everyone loves recieving gifts, but not everyone has the luxury of recieving or even giving gifts.

I really hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you took it for what's it's really worth and spent time with friends, loved ones, and family. I hope every moment of today was truely cherished and that you didn't take this day for granted. Many people don't have family to spend it with, don't have homes, or just don't have anything at all. Everyone is struggling these days and it's nothin new to have problems, so I hope today was a blessed day for you and that you had nothing to complain about.

On another note, shout out to my homie Pat over at PATISDOPE.COM. He did some really great things today. I'll just let you watch for yaself and link you off to his blog. It really touched my heart to know that I know someone like this. Someone who took time out of their day to make someone else happy.