Now a days so many people use the "I don't give a fuck attitude" just because it's been glorified. Everyone claims they "don't give a fuck". Everyone claims to be heartless, or whatever other adjectives you'd like to use to describe that attitude, but is that really what it is?

If everyone didn't give a fuck there wouldn't be as many people feelin types of ways. There wouldn't be "hater" or people addressing haters or even people claiming they love their haters. The mirage of people just not caring is immaculate. Half of the people who claim they don't care are the ones that do. They're the ones that get hurt emotionally by other people and they're the ones who use that as a shield because they lowkey really do give a fuck.

Basically just stop saying you don't give a fuck when you know you do.


Adina Renée. said...

You're so right, that shit annoys the hell out of me when people claim they don't care.