I'm really sorry about the posts these days, or lack there of. I know a lot of it has just been along the same lines of just videos and what not.

I AM getting all the emails you send. I AM trying to make time to work on the blog. I AM doing these things, BUT I do have a very hectic life schedule. It is the holiday season, I do work full time in retail, and I am also a full time student. Keep the faith! I will be back up on it soon.

I am also working on getting more into the business aspect of blogging. The behind the scenes people, the promo, the graphics, ect. There's just a lot more going on and I had to place my energy into those other than posting. I am sorry and I hope that people don't stop visiting or spreading word about the site just because I haven't been on it as much.

I do appreciate every person who throws my link out there, or every person who inquiries about being on my blog, every person who comments, reads, tells another friend, RTs, ect. I appreciate it all.

If you want to be on my blog roll on the side, want some of your music/art/ect on the site, or want to leave me some suggestions, then PLEASE EMAIL ME AT (audrey@iamfeedmekicks.com). I made a mistake of putting my personal email out there and now it's just getting filled with people's music inquiries. It's a little much. So please, if you have anything blog related please send it to the above mentioned email. It would be greatly appreciated.

EMAIL: audrey@iamfeedmekicks.com
TWITTER: @feedmekicks