If you've been tuned into IAMFEEDMEKICKS.COM for a while now, then you know that I know some talented people. The people I fuck with exude intelligence, drive, and raw talent. There's no fakin the funk with the people that I fuck with, in all honesty.

Darrin, but most of you may know him as Sir Flywalker is one of those people. Flywalker has been a friend of mine for a while. What's important to me is that he was a friend before I knew he made music. He was a friend before he was gettin posted on this blog, he was a TRUE friend at that. If someone is a passionate friends, most of the shit they do in life is passionate. Darrin makes good music, because that's what he's passionate about.

Flywalker recently dropped a solo a solo project as a rapper, he also makes beats, and is 1/2 of a rap group, Da AstroNautz. Da Astroz just dropped their first installment in the music pheonomenon they got planned for everybodys listening pleasure that they are calling "The 7 Month theory. Be on the lookout for my personal review of that mixtape because it will be coming soon. Until then, download the tape yourself.


Enough about alla that. Lemme just drop you the interview...

How long have you been making music?
I have been making music since the age of 8, i started out playing the piano, and trumpet/tuba.

Where do you want to be in the next 5 years of your music career?
In the next 5 years, i would like to be at a good spot in the rap game, a relevant name, on the lyrical & production side.

Does the area you live in effect your music? Do you think if you lived elsewhere that you're music would be different? Or do you think that your music is just YOU and it would sound the same no matter the area?
Not really, but it does in a way. I think if i lived anywhere i would rap about the same things i do now, i would probably just sound different lol. My music is just me, my life situations, and my outlook on life, put into rhyme.

What area of music did you start in? And how did you move into other areas?
I started in the school choir, and then progressed into playing an instrument in the band. After i noticed that being a band geek wasnt for me, i got into beatmaking at random, because i had friends that rapped but couldn't afford beats. (at the age of 11-12, not many of us had jobs hahaha).

How did you and Co Sign decide to become “Da A$troNautz”?
Me & Co met up back in like 9th grade, we was double dating with some chicks, and we chopped it up for a minute cause we were two equally fly cats. About a month after that, we started working together, on a unreleased project called "last of a flying breed". The name "Da A$tronautZ" basically means, we see the rap game as space... we are on a journey, or a voyage into this foreign land while chasing our dreams, so the name just figuratively meshed well with what we were trying to accomplish.

How do you think the internet effects your music?
The internet does wonders, we can reach out to more fans. And since alot of people in our area don't naturally gravitate towards music like we make, its better to gain real fans and people that like this music all over the world. Its one hell of a marketing tool.

Who influences you musically? Or who do you enjoy listening to musically PERIOD? A few major influences are: John Coltrane, Sebastian Bach, Beethoven, Thelonius Monk, i love Jazz and Classical music. Ive been listening to alot of Dubstep lately, Mim0sa and Bassnectar... Spitta, Trademark, Musiq, Erykah Badu, Common, Souls of Mischief, Gorillaz, Wale, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Pete Rock, Dilla, Asher Roth, Devin The Dude, The Cool Kids, Webbie and Boosie... just to name a few, i eat, sleep, and breathe music.

In today's media, what “trends” do you not like?
Damn near anything made into a "trend". The worst trend today is these fashionable smokers.... its a shame that its becoming a fad. Also, dance songs, and the trend of conformity in the form of sarcasm... its like people realize shits fucked up, but laugh it away and do nothing.

You recently dropped a solo project, how was that? What was the process like? Was it different than how you and Co Sign make music as a group? Did different things influence you?
Ohhh, f.a.m.e., that was very fun, but it was also a disaster because it felt as if the forces were against me in the construction stages of the tape. There are like 5 songs i couldn't record due to difficulties, which was the reason i gave away the free beat. Me & Co do alot of collaborative brainstorming, but on a solo tape, only i was there to think it out and construct songs you know, it was challenging, but easy, since i was a solo artist up until me and Co linked up. Yes, my tape is solely based on alot of what i see going on today, from society, to fashion, to my life at home, its more personal.

What do you plan on doing in the future with your music? What can we expect from Sir Flywalker?
I plan on chasing my dreams, and grinding until i get to where i want to be, with no stopping. You can expect alot of production credits, and new music in the upcoming year...... We are out to get it.

I asked Sir FlyWalker to drop any shouts/names that he'd like and this is what he said to me:

"Shoutout to you, for giving me the opportunity, The lovely 50k fans that downloaded F.A.M.E., Co-$ign, Fly Times Boutique, B Corder, Nef Prez, Jen Digity, Shaolin Park, Fortunate Ones, Faded Penguin Clothing, M&&B Clothing, Treason SRPLS Clothing, The Foot Clan, The Ultimate Fly.com, NinosCorner.com, Askhowfly.com, TGODxJets.com, Smokeahontaz, Trademark, Swellophonic Skate Shop, and Hot Topic."

I'm very proud to say that Darrin is a homie of mine and I'm even more proud that he has all this talen that he's willing to share with everyone who is willing to listen. Below is where I'll drop any links that you need to catch up with Sir FlyWalker himself.