I know this video has already been out and all of that, but I was asked by a good friend of mine for my opinion on the video. So.......

When I first heard this song from Kelly, I absolutely fell in love. I've been a fan of Kelly's voice since Destiny's Child days and her first album was dope.

This video does feature Lil Wayne, but his feature wasn't really anything to me. It actually wasn't even necessary in my opinion. It adds a touch to the whole R&B/rap duet but he could have been done without.

This video is super sexy. The song is beyond sexy in itself, without a visual. The thing I like about Kelly is that she isn't trashy with her sex appeal. Clearly there was a full on orgy going out with dudes kissing dudes, girls rubbing on Kelly, and makeout sessions, but I wasn't like "Oh my God...this is raunchy" when I seen the video. Kelly is mad beautiful and she has a nice body without showing too much of it off. Her makeup in this wasn't that great, but she did pull off those purple lips.

I like the video. I like the song. I'm happy that she's back on the scene of things, and I wish people would stop comparing her to Beyonce. They aren't even alike in any way. Listen to their music and stop making everything so competitive between the two.


Unknown said...

*claps*You and I both have the same opinions..down to the makeup! Lol A friend of mine got me hip to the video. Most videos I never even watch but once I do they change my thoughts about the song (like Martha Ambrosious' "Far Away" That video was so powerful!) Kelly's video was very sexed up, and not what I'm used to seeing from her. However, she did pull it off without seeming raunchy and I can appreciate that! Not sure how I feel about the other folks making out with eachtother...but the whole slow-motion aspect of it all was pretty cool. :D Thanks for the review!