This shit is so disgusting. People really get joy out of this shit. No, seriously. I got mad watching this. How can you honestly do some shit like that to a young ass girl? Yeah, she wasn't fighting back, but who knows what else they have done to her or how long they have done things like this to her. This is disgusting.

First of all, this is the reason why young kids kill themselves, kill other people, and act out of character. This shit is just not right. Bullying has gotten so extreme for what reason? What the fuck kind of joy does this bring to someone? I don't understand it at all. And everyone in the room just laughin and playin along with the bitch who got the scissors? That's mad childish for everyone involved in this shit.

Secondly, where in the fuck are the teachers? Where the fuck is ANYONE at when these kids are hitting her, got scissors, and laughin and shit for atleast 4 minutes? Are you kidding me?

Don't think shit like this doesn't happen in schools near you, because it does. And don't think that there isn't bullying going on in ALL schools, because there is. This shit is sad and needs to fuckin stop.