This is the second post today.  I just got done writing in my last class.  I do have a topic though.

Do you ever think of how people really are?  People always want whats new and improved, but as soon as they get it they want something else.  I just switched to Sprint service August 1st, and I got a pretty nice phone.  I got the red Palm Centro, touch screen and all.  Now that I know I've got Sprint and a kick BUTT phone, I'm not really satisfied.  I know that that's weird, because it's not even September yet and I already want a new phone.  Silly, I know.  I have a job and so it wouldn't be any type of burden for my mother, but at the same time I don't like hearing her nagging all the time about spending money correctly.  I know she has good intentions, but that's not always easy to see when the task is at hand.  Sometimes my mom has good points, usually she doesn't when it comes to my style.  She always tells me that I have "expensive taste", but I think that's only because she's older and really doesn't realize that everything costs more now-a-days.  Back to the subject....I think that people aren't really ever satisfied with what they have in life.  I know that personally, I'm not.  i always have room to grow and I always want what I don't have.  Being like this doesn't really make me happy, but it's not to the point of disgust.  I think that people should be grateful on what they do have, and what they get.  I know I'm sounding hypocritical but, I know that I REALIZE the real issues at hand.