I'm at school writing today. I have to get atleast one more post so that I didn't get points deducted. Today it's rainy and it's making me tired. I think that this writing everyday is a little bit harder than i had expected. I think that senior year is also a little bit harder than expected. I know that alot of my friends seemed to think senior year was just going to fly by, but they got a taste of reality! The hardest part for me is actually knowing that this is the last year and wanting it to go by super fast.

I don't really know what else to write about.
Maybe I'll start a story.
A story about my best friend.

Today, it was raining. There was a woman trying to come inside with an umbrella. There was about four girls who were walking to the Viking Center. My friend stopped dead in her tracks because she thought the woman was bringing a donkey into the school! A DONKEY!

Oh yeah, freshman are weird. Today at breakfast some freshman got mad and offended because we used the term "freshman"