Today I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more. It was okay, I guess. The only bad part is that I had to work and THEN clean. Sounds bad, right? Well- yeah, ecxept for that I was pretty much cleaning and making myself feel better. It was fun after my room was all cleaned up and stuff. I swear you never know how much clothes you actually have until you do your own laundry. I mean I usually do my own, but it felt different tonight.

I've been trying out a few new things lately. A new project that I'm thinking of starting is a flickr.com account. I want to post pictures of me, very frequently so that I can look back a year or two from now and see the changes. Sound good? I think so.

Brothers are stupid, by the way. DO NOT HAVE ONE! Mine is usually cool and junk, but he must've been having an off day today. He was actin like an idiot. I think it's just because of him becoming a teenager. Oh yeah, kid brothers becoming teenagers is a fun thing to go through. NOT! For some reason, he has this arrogant, cocky attitude when he is around his friends. It makes me mad because he knows I don't act like that towards him.