There's always those people in the group that ask for everything. I get sick of having to help people. I help people with myspace, money problems, boyfriend problems, singling problems. It never truely stops. Even when you are close to the person who is asking you for help, sometimes it seems to much to do. People always want you to drop what you are doing yourself and do what they need. People usually take your kindness for weakness. I think this post will probably be one of my most important ones because I've finally came to terms with this subject. I can't keep helping people with the expectations of getting something out of it. People don't care because they didn't put effort into it. It sucks how friendships can end off of things like this. I know that it's good to help your friends when they are in need, bu it comes to a point where you've got to stop. I know it might seem as if I'm cold and heartless, but I'm truthfully not. I just realize that people don't care.