ive recently ended and fueled a beef with a friend that's been in my life for about five years. i'm more pissed off, than anything. pissed off about everything this situation has become and how it's become this way. all over money? i NOW believe the saying- money is the root of all evil. people cange, become a different person when money is involved. i cannot sit here and say that i havent changed since ive had a job for longer than a year, but what i can say is that- ive NEVER dissed my friends for money. never in life would i do some shit like that. it disgusts me because i liked shara. we had never been in a fight, arguement, and have spent many times together including the jonas brothers concert, a few homecomings, and every birthday party of mine. really, i need to look past who she is now and remember who she was before and why she became my friend in the begining. all i know is that i want to come out on top in this situation. i want to come out being the better perosn. i AM the bigger person in this situation and i know that whatever it takes from me, will have to be enough.

i noticed alot of things. during the summer, everyone was telling me to enjoy my senior year because it will fly past. they also mentioned that this year, you will start to figure out who your real friends are. all i know, is that i dont want to burn bridges that dont need to be burned, but stop traveling them so often. that is my goal. i dont want to have lingering beef with shara and have it escalade into something it isnt. we have all changed over the years, especially as we are becoming adults now. im ready to mend and mold, mend the friendshipos, and mold my new ones. im not saying its time to punk out, or anything like that but what i am saying, is that i dont want to have awkward moments with people who have been there for me atleast once when i needed them.


Anonymous said...

True shit doll.
Just move on, maybe things were supposed to end up like this anyways... that's the way i look at things.