i decided, that i want to expand my damned vocabulary.
i went to a website, that set me up for this new-found addition to my blog.
learning new words can only help, and never hurt.

so, in turn, im adding my word of the day section. im hoping that i can just add a word of the day section to my daily post, but if not- ill always just post about the word.

edify \ED-uh-fy\, transitive verb:
To instruct and improve, especially in moral and religious knowledge; to teach.--edifying, adjective

wow. can it get ANY better? i feel like edifying is what i need to do. i feel like edifying is basically what i blogged about in my last post. ^_^


secret love notes said...

this is a super cool idea. what website? (:
you are too cute audrey. thank you for all the comments!
i freaking love you and i feel like you're one of those really good people i need in my life. like, i'm always joking with people and so it's hard to get serious with them, and you're just one of those real people i need.<3 aw, i love youu.
and if you ever want to talk about anything, you know i'm here. this growing up shit is scary, man!

secret love notes said...

ohh and about that working out thing.
sign up for http://teens.sparkpeople.com
i swear its amazing, i need to start using it again!

le said...

i guess ill be coming by and learning something new everday