Simple? Have you ever stopped and smelled the fresh air? Really, you have? Okay, have you ever stopped and smelled the fresh air, and THEN tried to describe the way it smells? Probably not. I know that simple things are taken for granted by many people, OFTEN. You should totally do that...as soon as I leve this classroom, I'm defiantely putting that at the top of my priority list.

Serious note...school and college? I had my senior check yesterday with Mr. Whiley. He made me feel like I wasn't doing anything to prepare myself for college. Isn't he supposed to make me feel safe and READY for college? Now, I feel even more like I am not ready! I feel like I'm way behind of everyone else! I feel like I should just give up!

Math class.Let's not even begin there because I can't stand that class. Not only do I NOT understand, but I really hate the teacher. It seems like he doesn't really care if you understand or not. Seriously.

I'm not in a ranting mood now, though. Simply because I took a three hour nap. I'm supposed to try and bake something for me and Corrie tomorrow, but my luck- she won't come to school. SHUCKS!


Anonymous said...

ohh i'll be there =)