Why are soap operas so popular? Have you ever sat and watched an episode of a soap opera? Personally, I've never sat and watched a soap opera. Each melodramatic character, their lives' ever-so-changing, never reaching a dull moment in life. How can that be? Who comes up with these people? One character, an elderly woman, never having a dull moment? That sounds like pure bologna to me, if I do say so myself. That same woman, having these series of events, that not even the Incredible Hulk goes through during an entire lifetime? Who thinks of these people?! Who sits and makes these soap operas? Aren't they supposed to be like...reality and stuff? yet they make peoples' lives seem like an on-going rollercoaster. I'm sure that some people, most people, have a bunch of events that happen to them, but not like THAT. Seriously.

I found this blog topic idea on a random site that I found through the Google seach engine.