Besides being sick, I had a good day. I didn't go to school because I have a sinus cold, but that really didn't put a hurt on the 2nd half of my day.

I started off the day sleeping. I pretty much fell in and out of sleep all damn day! It sucked really bad, simply because I don't like spending my days sleeping. Don't get me wrong, I love sleep, but I don't think life was meant to just sleep away. After that, I got around to taking a shower and straightening my room a little, ect,ect- the mornal stuff.

I went out with Rachel! It was super fun. I hadn't went out in a few weekends, simply because I work and stuff and I don't want too much going on to make me tired. Plus, I don't want to associate myself with too many females or males who are going to end up turning out to be a fake friend. I generally keep to myself, for lack of words.

Anyway, I had a blast with Rach. We found her a really cute homecoming dress. The lady at the store was kinda picking out creepy looking dresses at first, but in the end we found a really cute one. Rachel will look THE BOMBB in her new dress. :)

After dress shopping, I realized that I have no idea what I'm going to wearfor homecoming. I know that I kind of want to wear a dress, but I'm not sure. I seen some really cute ones at Debs. I'll figure something out, though.

Next, we went to a MAC counter, which kind of made me sad because I think I'm ugly and I know NOTHING about make-up. Rachel is this sexy little mama who knows EVERYTHING about make-up. GRRRRRR. But yeah, she got this really cute nail polish and some eye shadow. Later on, I found out that she bought black. I was totally feeling dumb because I heard her tell the lady she wanted "carbon" and I'm sittin here like "Rachel, I didn't know you got black". Yeah....

Then we went to Wendy's. Nothin special there....We just talked alot.

We left Wendy's. Rachel drove the wrong way. ^_^

Then we went and snuck up on Stephen! How cool. Rachel should've listened to me when I told her where he was.

Anyways, on a good note- here's us:


Mara said...

Aww I am sorry you where feelin' icky today :( But, glad you where able to make it out & about. Yalls pics are cute! I remember when me and my beckfriend took some of those pics in a booth. Hate that damn booth-my arse was too big to squeeze BOTH of us in it!

Anonymous said...

omgsh. (: it was so fun.
i'm glad we hung out, i loove you.
and psh, you're not ugly! just watch youtube and you can totally learn, i swear. haha.

AUDREY said...

dude, heckkks yeahh!

mara- i was feelin gross, and still am.
it sucks, but i did have a good time.

that was my first time everrrr in one of those picture booths.
rachel took my picture booth virginity :(

rach- i love you more, silly! now hurry up and get that blogger running!
& heck yeah. i AM going to youtube to learn make-up!