I kind of just noticed that I hate change. Change is really bad to me, especially change that I dislike. I dislike this whole change in Creative Writing class. This is bad because I really liked my other seat. I liked it because I kind of liked the person that sat next to me, she took the initiative to talk to me. I got used to that. I also had this awesome big screen and flat keyboard. It was AMAZING! I loved it. Now I sit clear across the room. I dislike that because I liked the window seat. I also liked being closer to the front. This is sad to me. Now I sit on the other side of the room, by the dreary off-white colored wall. I don't sit in the front. I have TWo people beside me, which kind of sucks because I was already weary with one by my side. I hate when people read my writing. It sucks. Plus, I'm not too comfortable in this class, yet. I also got this wack keyboard which really irks my nerves. I really liked the flat ones. They were too cool! I kinda got used to the little clickity-click noise they made when you typed on them.

Overwhelmed is the word I'm feeling right now.

So, I feel like this day is only half great. I learned that my best friend's stepmom and dad hate me. WHY?! Because of something she said. We always get into fights, but this time I guess it was worse.

Really the situation is dumb, and she thought I reacted in a a**hole type of way, but I didn't. Well, maybe I did, but I didn't mean to.