I feel like there's too many situations where you take life for granted. There's alot of people who take lfe as if it's a plan, but really it's not. You have to live each day. Don't spend your life planning things out.

If we are personally close, you probably know that I lost someone real close to me this summer. It hurts, but time heals everything. That's a line I feel you should live by. Honestly, people are special to you. ost of the people you associate yourself with are special to you, even people I haven't talked to in years are special to me. If/When you loose someone, you are never prepared. You are never prepared to have someone leave your life. It's beyond belief how many memories you can all of a sudden recall after you loose someone.

Please, Please, PLEASE do not take life for granted. Tell people you love them every single day. Hug your mom everytime you walk out of her sight. In the end, it will all be better.


Anonymous said...

i have you as where i follow your blogs :) lol