I think alot of people might be confused by what this blog is...

TYPICALLY, the people I know are bloggers on thier own. I started off blogging on my own, but I had no idea about how to make it look nice and cool and ect ect.

So I stopped...

I started my senior year, and I had to blog everyday. Instead of doing it by hand, or start another journal type of blog- I reclcyled this one.

The posts are a little more formal than normal simply because my teacher CAN view them. She doesn't sit her happy self down and peek at them, but she does have to scan over them every once in a while.

BUTTTTT, I am learning more about the whole coding and such of blogger. I WILL be more in-tune with my updates and I will use it more frequently.

I have been subscribing to a few peoples blogs, people I may know, may not know, and people that I just think seem to have good opinions and such.

SO, if I subscribed to you.... get ot know me. Unless you already do.


Lizzy said...

Wel I hope you stick to blog more regularly, you'll find that as time goes by.. it's so rewarding to have one place where you can just voice your opinion about whatever you want & then later go back & able to look back at it? It's pretty cool.

Thanks for subscribing to my blog.
I'll look forward to reading your entries & getting a glimpse into your life and hopefully get to know a little bit of you out of this whole experience

Mara said...

What's up love. :) You're my 1st subscriber ^_^ Yay I'm so happy. Anyhow, if you need any tips on how to spice up your blog (and get extra kudos with your teacher), let me know and I can help :) I hope you stick to blogging, even when the assignment is over with (it is for a grade right?), it's very relaxing, it helps get things off my chest. My blogger blog is mainly for bitching, I have a website thought (raw-emotion.org) which is for everything else lol. :) <3 Mara