That Ne-Yo song "Mad", off his new album called Year of the Gentleman, is amazing!

Just a little sidenote for you, though.

Anyways, my weekend was almost terrible. I didn't hardly get anything accomplished, worked my BUTT off, and finally realized that math just isn't for me.

Let's backtrack. My friday was going well until I had to put up with my mom's BS. She's been in a really bad mood lately, which kind of sucks. Ahh well....I'm the one who's got to put up with it & it really does suck. Seriously.

I always plan ahead, but when it comes down to it, I never get anything done that I planned. I take that back, i usually get like one thing done, but it's usually the easiest most simple thing on my to-do list. Like this weekend, for example. I had plans on putting away clothes, doing laundry, getting caught up on my math, and cleaning my room. What did I actually do? Spent all of Friday shopping, spending money I had no business spending, stayed up all night on Myspace, and I did get my room straightened up a little. Not anything close to what I wanted. I tried to stay at work as late as possible this weekend. It sucks because I hate being at work, but I know my mom needs money. That's a whole nother story though.

Anyways, I got my fantastic homecoming dress, but I don't really plan on revealing details. I want it to end up being a suprise. I think alot of people will be blown away, considering I've never been the real girly type.