Today started off bad, but ended amazingly.

I got the PERFECT homecoming dress. THanks to my wonderful cousin Cassie. I'm also super excited about her Halloween party. I want one of my friends to come, or more, but I'm not sure who will come. That's not important.

Anyways...I'm happy I can finally blog about something besides the drama that's been swallowing my entire soul!

Today was the first time I had ever been to Olive Garn, and man oh man did I love it! Thier breadsticks are FANTASTIC and the pasta I was delicious. I can't wait to go again another time. It was pure heaven.

I shopped. I got some new shoes. I wanted to post a picture up here,but I'll save that for later because I'm too lazy to upload ANYTHING.

Corrie. Each and everyday I figure out that I pretty much love this girl. It's silly to say, but I really am glad that we got classes together. Corrie is an amazing person. I want to grow closer to her and be a GREAT friend to her. I hope this year is amazing for both of us. We bring snacks for each other. It's fun. I wish we could have been friends since way back when, and not lost touch, but things happen and what's done is done.

I heard that during your last high school years is when you figure out who your real friends are. You learn who is going to stay in your life, and who was never meant to be there. You learn life lessons that you can only learn from getting your feelings hurt. I wish that I could take back all of the mean things I've EVER said to people. Sometimes people just make it hard to be nice and kind to them. They use you as a pawn, a game piece, and move you around like it's thier piece. People will come and go, and you will regret it someday, but you have to remember what that person taught you. I'm a firm believer in GOd, and I feel that if God doesn't feel like you need to learn anything from that person- they will guide them to someone elses' life besides your own. I've had a few friends guided away from me and it really does suck.

I think about Michelle Vidlak and Kathleen Klaumann all the time. These two people made an impression on my life that I will never forget. I adore them for making me the person I am today, and I wish I could have kept them closer in my life. I hope GOd grants me the serenity to follow the right paths and not push people away from me.


Anonymous said...

Your amazing :)