All of it.

I take every NICE, un-rude thing I've ever said to or about this girl.
She's a rude bitch. Seriously. I'm not even trying to exaggerate ANYTHING.

Nobody can honestly know the whole situation between us, but some people know alot of it.

She doesn't deserve a friend like me. She's rude, self-centered, promiscious, and not sincere at all.

She's just....lame. Really lame. Seriously.

I want to curse and call her every filthy name that I know, and do scandalous things to her- but I can't. I mean...I can, but that wouldn't be right AT ALL.

It's hard to look back and see that for 5 years she really thought this way about me, but never said it. She said so many mean things, and now I sit here and think "That's the real way she has felt since day one." How can you fake the funk that bad! How can you take five years of someones secrets, time, laughs, and situations and think totally garbage of them?

Despite what she says OR thinks, I am going to college. I am going to be something in life. I am NOT going to live with my mom forever.

THat's all, really.