Isn't it weird to think that you could possibly be living your own life for someone else? I heard a story about someone today. No names will be mentioned or the whole situation, but pretty much; this girl is living her life for her boyfriend who is full of drama and doesn't do anything for her. She tried killing herself because of something that occured between them. It got me thinking...do people really do that kind of thing? The answer is YES! Now, this chick went to the extremes, but everyone lives for someone else, whether it's alot or just a little. Have you ever done, said, or wore something that you knew would get a look or word from someone else? That's living for someone else. If you strive off of peoples' compliments and words, then you are living for someone else, not only yourself. I know I parcially live for someone else. Not only do you live for one person, but you live for many different people! That kind of thing seems so crazy and out of range, but it's totally true.