I think that people always try and put on a show for other people. Almost everyone does it. Granted, sometimes it might make you feel good to get compliments or attention or whatever, but you shouldn't just do things to please someone else. Thi is kind of an attatchment to my last post. I feel like I had a few more thigns to say on this topic. Too many people do it! I see it pretty much everyday. I am no hero, and I'm not ocmpletely unique or anti-conformity, but what i do know is that I don't try to live my life as if putting on a show for everyone. That's just not cute nor attractive whatsoever.

I know there's alot of things that make people want to be normal, or what they think is normal. I know that it's harsh in this world, and people are usually heartless. I know that it's hard ot have all eyes on you and have people stare at you funny. It just really sucks to see people be a part of a conformed community because they are afraid to show thier true colors. We could have an amazing fashion designer in our local area, but she or he might be too shy to show thier true colors, so we might never know.