I cancelled that junk!

Kidddding. I'm not canceling it, but I do think that I'm setting myself up for failure by saying that I will post a word each day. I do intend on still expanding my vocabulary, though. So I am going to make a side little section, so that I can still post up words, when I get around to it. Soooo, stay tuned for that little snippet of action there now. Until then...

ANYWHO! It's really hot in this room. I almost think that I want to be a photographer. Isn't that silly? My younger brother wants to be a photographer. I ran into a few new flickr photostreams that are absolutely amazing. Hopefully, with their permission, I will be sharing some of the photos with my fellow bloggers.

Has anyone ever told you that something you wore was really ugly? That's happened to me, alot. But it sucks about 17 times more when you actually LOVE what you are wearing. Something of that nature happened to me today. I tried a new hairstyle aside from what I usually do with it, & amongst a few too many "your hair is cute" compliments, I got a very shiesty one. I had a friend of mine tell me that my hair was "not working for me".

REALLLLY?! You can't be serious. All of a sudden all of these words just came rushing out of my mouth. I found myself apologizing for my hair and how it really wasn't meant to come out that way. But in all actuality, IT WAS! I was so mad at myself because I loved my hair. I really loved it.

that pretty much shot my whole self esteem down for the entire day. Sadly....

I'll post a picture of it, some time soon, whenever I happen to upload pictures.


secret love notes said...

girl, yo hair was cuute!
seriously. i think he just likes to talk a lot of shit sometimes for no reason?
and obviously a lot of people liked it so dont let that 1 person get you down.

Lizzy said...

Flickr is a great place for photographers. I stumbled upon it 2 years ago & fell in love with it ever since.

Smh @ people giving you crap for your hair. Own up to it! It's your hair. If you like it, that's all that matters.

I can wake up, straight up roll out of bed & still flip my hair around like I just came out of a hair salon or something.

Mara said...

OhMyGod. Some people are just plain rude. If they don't like what they see, close your damn eyes! I will try and control my anger...

Anyhow, Flickr is cool =) Im always coming across amazing photographers all the time

sumneeeezy said...

Dude I know this is super old but I was just reading thru your blogs and this one caught my attention.

So do you remmeber when I used to tease my hair and make it all big and stuff? Well I got so many different oppinions on it, from really sweet comments to 'girrrrrl what you did to yo hair?' But you know what? I think even the bad comments should elevate your self esteem because you did something different, and you liked it. Fuck the rest.

I never stopped teasing my hair despite what anyone said. Beccause I liked it and it was something different. So you should do what you want. I'm sure it looked great :)