Seriously, if you want to smoke your life away- be my FUCKING guest.

I really don't care, but come one now, over myspace people really have things to say?

That's super funny.

Instead of egging your friends on, you should really check yourself in somewhere for practically telling your friend to kill herself.

Great job, assholes.

Seriously, don't ever ask me for any type of conversation, advice, or even a glimpse at you. Stupidity is something I knew basically all the teenage bitches I know lacked. Yeah, Bitches.

Everyone has something to say, but can never address you as a person? Seriously. You're wack and so is the next TRICK who has some shit to say.


secret love notes said...

idk what this is about but i'm sorry.
i love youuuu! :D

Anonymous said...

I hope this isn't about my picture?

i didn't know everyone was going to freak out about it...