Do you ever wonder how people can change so much with such little time? How one day you can be so close to a person and the next they really don't even care? For some reason, I'm stuck on this. I'm the type of person who is loyal and always cares about the people in her life. I feel like I shouldn't do that because people don't seem to do the same. It's just like why bother because you aren't going to get the same treatment. I really feel an emptiness inside me when I realize how many people have changed. I feel hurt inside when I look back at some of the people who used to be my best friends. Now.... They are nothing to me. Well, in all actuality, I am nothing to THEM. It's really crazy.

Today I looked back at one of my old friends' Myspace page. It was crazy because me and Raeven used to be so close. Then she started changing up. It's just silly to me how you can change so quickly just because you are around a certain few people more often. I don't know why it even bothers me because if it was meant for that person to be in my life then they would still be here, ya know? It just takes a lot for me to accept the fact that you spent so much time, effort, and trust in people for them to just throw it away.

It just is amazing how people change. Seriously. Most of the time, I pray that the change is for the better- on their part, but sometimes it's not.

I feel a lot of my friends growing apart from me, and I know it can't be my fault with ALL of them.


Jessica Nichole;; [RIP JMD] said...

awh, i'm sorry baby girl!
if you ever need me I'm here for you, no matter what!
i love you dearly!
&& I KNOW we are not ever going to grow apart, we just can't its not an OPTION!
i love you!

Adina Renée. said...

i know exactly what you mean, my latest blog explains why.

Lizzy said...

Maybe people don't change, we're just now getting to know their true self


-hugs you

I've lost a lot of friends and I'm growing apart from a bunch as I'm typing this message to you. However, you cannot let that get you down. You're a really sweet girl. We really don't know each other that well but I can sure tell you one thing.. for every 1 person that walks out of your life, there will be 2 more that will walk in. Don't dwell on the past & what already happened, smile and embrace the new friendships and relationships you have yet to discover.

le said...

man i think everyone is going through this right now

the person thats the closet to me is slowly fading away and that shit hurts more than anything

you just live learn and observe..

Mara said...

I don't know what to say. I know that some people tend to act like other people if they act diff. from then when they hang out, but as far as friends go it shouldnt be that drastic of a change that you cant even communicate with people. I guess those kinds of people werent your friends to begin with ; and their true colors are finally comeing out =\ Hmm...