I just read Mara's recent blog post, which was about me. I'm really not even going to waste my time with a response because she doesn't even REALLY know the extent of the situation with my friend. I did blow up, but that's because I've been going through some things. I haven't changed, you just must not know me like you think, Mara. Anyhow, you can come to me and get further details if you wish, if not then it is what it is. I did see how you put my name at the end of the list of friends on your page & ect. I don't care, really. That's childish in itself. Time to keep it movin, I guess.

Anyway! I decided to start just numbering my blog posts because I can't think of cute little titles like Rachel. Plus, this will make it easier to keep track of them for Ms. Bruland when she grades them. I also have been thinking about independent studies! At semester, I plan on dropping out of school. To graduate, at the semester point, I will only need one credit of English. In that case, I don't feel like I should keep sitting here for 6 hours, if I don't need these credits. Plus there's other issues. No car transportation, I need more hours at work to help my mom with some bills, ect. All in all, i feel like this decision is best. I just hope it all works out.