Sooo....I'm getting even more excited about this trip!

I love it!
I cannot wait to get away from school.

I learned how to mobile blog.
So, on my trip it will be super fun because I will have four hours to do NOTHINGGG.
So I will definately be blogging & listening to my i-pod.
I did update it with TONNNNSSS of music last night, though.

My cousin's Halloween party was really fun.
& I still haven't uploaded the pictures form that.

I know that I feel bad because I haven't, but I also don't like when she keeps pressuring me to do something when I can't.

My mom is so sad for me leaving on my trip.
But my grandma has been making me super happy by giving me all this freakin money!



I am starting a wordpress.com blog because I feel like I need somewhere to be a little more deeper.
I cannot have my creative writing teacher reading my stuff, thinking I need a clinic for troubled kids & stuff.

I won't let you guys know t he link yet, because I feel bad knowing that it looks like junk.

Know that I have been posting on there, well- i STARTED & I will continue.
I do need to learn coding for it all.

Anyway, I am going with Jess today after school to the malll!

I love jessica.
she means alot to me.


sassacass said...

if helping me or doing things for me doesn't make you happy then don't do them. i never tried to put you under any pressure. i thought that you would get it when i said it wasn't a big deal and that i understood you were busy. i was there once. i had alot of ppl to deal with and please. its hard not to loose yourself along the way. within the last few weeks i have started to feel that you blow me off more. & that were not close. to me hanging out with your friends from school and whatever else you got going is more important. i feel unwanted.