I'm sorry you guys. I can't shake it.
Every slow melody, every picture, every....every part of me misses him more than ever.
I really don't know what to do.
Today my cousin came over for thanksgiving.
He used to play poker every weekend with my grandma, a few other people, and mike.
Here's how the conversation went:

UNKNOWING COUSIN: So when are we gonna get up on another game of poker grandma?
GRANDMA: I don't know honey, I've been working a lot.
UNKNOWING COUSIN: I remember when Frog, Mike, and all of us used to play....

-awkward silence-

GRANDMA: Yeah, Mike was a good boy.

That hurt so bad.
All of these images ran through my head.
Seeing Mike with Artie that Thursday before he passed, hearing his laugh, watching him do gay shit. :)
It almost makes me cry. I wan the tears to come, in search of some....closure.
But I know it won't happen.
There will never be closure for this.

I miss him alot.