I'm more than proud to re-post this video.
I'm in it. :]

I've been kind of into the youtube thing lately, so if you have a channel or whatever the case may be, go ahead and look me up. My channel name is: feedmekicks


Mara said...

That's really cool, Audrey!! I hope its on your youtube, i want to save the link ^_^

secret love notes said...

omg for some reason there was no comment thing. and i was freaking out!
and then i refreshed and it was there. so yay. (:
i think it's super cool you're in this video. my favorite part is of you. duuh!

AUDREY said...

i love you rachel.

& no mara. it's NOT on youtube, but it is in my favorites.


secret love notes said...

write a new blog bitch.
i need something to read.<3 haha.
i love you!