I some how found all these kick ass people on blogger today while NOT paying attention in marketing class.

I hope none of them were offended of my just random appearances.

Anyways, I want to add a few of them to my followed list, if they don't mind.

The only problem is that I forgot some of the pages =[

I hope they come back & like...comment my blog or something so I can re-find them.

I need some MORE good reads in my life right now.


vexedmentals said...

yeah ive had one for a while lol.

secret love notes said...

i greatly enjoyed so many blog posts in one day. =]
your feeding my audrey's blog-reading addiction. hahah.<3

oh, and i think you are lying to yourself when you say that no one will miss you, because you HAVE TO KNOW that jessica and i will absolutely miss you! but i want you to do what makes you happy and i plan to keep in touch with you and still chill with you. (: so that's why i didn't cry, lol.

i love you!