SO, I know that I'm nowhere near innocent when it comes to being totally original. What I can say is that, I've also came up with things on my own & have had people take it upon themselves to use my shit. I know I can sit here and rant all day about Myspace and the people on there. Like I said- I AM NOT INNOCENT.

I've had my music player hidden on my page for...a while now. The other day, I took my DIV layout off and let everything be visible. I thought that stealing pictures, text, and songs was overrated already. I guess not.

I've had my profile music player visible for about 3 days, and I go to somebodys page. Somebody that I know in person, along with my little brother. She added a song from my music player. I wasn't mad at first. Then I seen that she had added another one of my songs. A song that I haven't seen on anyone elses page. WHY? I really don't understand. If you don't even know that song, why would you feel the need to steal it? I know I've dealt with a silly person stealing my pictures and other silly people stealing my about me sections and shit, but it's kind of old. and annoying not to mention.

So, I had to hide my shit.


Chicky Love! said...

i hate that same shit, and i hate it when people are like make me a layout and if you do shit them they so ungrateful and shit. ughh

PORCHE ` said...

it's just the reality of being online. love your blog also :)

Chaveeo said...

thanks hun :)

people will suck no matter hw we
try to avoid um lmao

Anonymous said...

i feel your pain, audge.

check it out:


aint it sad?

and this is the kid who was not only talking shit, but he was literally harrasing me.

like, seriously, what the fuck is the point, dude?

and he talked ll this shit and then after i blocked him and whatever else, after he goes off my radar, that is when he steals my name.

i wouldve been less pissed off if he would of just took it.

but whatever.

the illiterate assholes are going to get what the deserve. unknowingly, also.

Anonymous said...

i feel you.
btw..nice blog!