SO, someone tell me why Usher just welcomed his second child on wednesday. I think there's something really wrong with this dude. Seriously. Tameka Foster isn't even cute! Like...WTFFF.

Anyways. My birthdya is in 3 days. Everyday I just keep getting more and more excited. Maybe it's just because I will finally be legal and stuff. Really, that doesn't matter because I don't do anything that I couldn't do if I wasn't legal. If that makes sense...

I cannot wait until December 19th. That will be my official last day of actual school. I'm going to be dong independant studies so I can just be at home all the freakin' time instead of getting up early and stuff.

Awesome right?

Yeah.....I know.


Jessica Nichole;; [RIP JMD] said...

yeah i kno!
that girl looks like a mann!

thanks. sometimes it feels like i just want to kill myself here. shes out of control. idunno what to do. i just have to wait till april i guess. =/

it sucked you werent here today
mr guinn is getting crazy with these assignments!
&& he yelled at poor rachel&&brianna
&& was looking striaght at them when he was yelling
i felt so bad for them. =[

but anyways im going to miss you second semester.="[

i love you.

Chicky Love! said...

lmaoooo that bitch is dumb ugly, but if its love then let em have his. lol.