So, I got my new laptop. It's pretty spiffy. I just cannot get the webcam to work. It keeps telling me to plug in a video device. I don't understand because the webcam is built in. AHHHH! =[

What I'm really worried about is photoshop. I need it to live! :)

If anyone can help me out by giving me a serial code or anything to help me get it, I'd appreciate it.


Chicky Love! said...

awwww i hope your laptops cam starts to work but here's this website try it or try this code.
or this one.

either of those might work.

Shantae said...

UGH! Everybody's getting a new laptop. I want one =[

secret love notes said...

im sorry you're not excited about college anymore.
i'm not either. =/
lets just hang out in our parents basements forever. haha.
i love you.

AUDREY said...

shantae: i adore you. i gotchu on your 100th birthday girllll.

Rach: we have an automatic upgrade. i got a room thats like an apartment.

and they allow mice.

c'mon thug!

Ariele said...

i usually dnt get jealous but when it comes to techy shit i get super green.. aaargh i need a new laptop lol! i'm here to stalk ur blog as well [: