It's goodbye for 2008. Everyone is making it seem like they are going to transform into a whole new person, within only a few hours. That's all good and dandy that you want to make resolutions and shit, but half of you won't even follow through. Everyone does it, so why continue to act like all of a sudden you will change into this OH SO MUCH GREATER THAN IN 08 type of person. Not likely to happen.

Anyway, the point of this blog being is just to post. I guess since everyone else is all excited to "change" and shit, I might as well just jump on the last post band wagon.

2008 was pretty traumatic for me.

I won't talk about it because 2009 will be here soon.
There's no need for a pity party.


See you in 2009.
Good luck to all you guys with your resolutions.


Jervis said...

happy new year to u too,hope u have a good one

Adina Renée. said...

good luck to you too, hun.

Mara said...

LMAO you are so right. Especially all those people talking about commiting to a diet and exercise plan. Giiirl please they know that Sara Lee cheesecake be calling their name! I am not goin to say I am doing anything for O9. I mean sure, there's a few simple things I want to do..which has nothing to do with a new year. I want to get another job and see my boo. Simple as that! But i hope you have a wonderful new year celebration :)