JANUARY 1, 2009.

First post of the year.
I didn't realize how it would feel to actually have a fresh start of the new year until I was sitting in Rachel's car in the Walmart parking lot at 12:04, looking at my phone.


It's almost like....MAD CRAZY.

2009 will be the year that I graduate, the year that I start college, the year that I live my 18th year of life. It's crazy, only because of what has happened in 2008.

I feel like I lagged off this post.
I feel like I wasted time thinking that the last day of the year wasn't going to be a big deal.
I read and watched as everyone got all hype for the new year, yet i hadn't mentioned anything about it.

I guess it's because I could rally care less about what happens in the future. It is what we make it. What really gets me is the things that are left alone in last year.

The year of 2008 helped me realize who I was, and I mean REALLY realize.
I learned that even the cloest people to you can be taken from your life.

I learned that death always comes when you don't believe it.
I learned that even the people you think are your backbone, really aren't.

In 2008, I lost 2 of my friends. 2 teenagers who had so much life inside of them....

I ended ties with my best friend. I regret it. But then again, I don't.

I found out that I will always be me and I cannot change that for anyone.

2008 was a great year in terms of learning, but it wasn't the best in experiences.

With that being said- Hello 2009.

Tonight, I had my first photo of the year taken with rachel George in the Walmart parking lot.
I had my first Burger King meal of the year, which consisted of a vanilla shake and 4 chicken tenders.
It feels great.

I feel like I should kind of blog about the night, but I don't feel like it now.
I will later, or tomorrow.



Shantae said...

Yeah, it does feel pretty different doesn't it? I woke up this morning happier because it's like I flushed all my 08 troubles away and I get to try again. We should try again together! YAYYYYY!

*holds your hand while we frolic through a meadow*

I don't know. =[

secret love notes said...

i'm so glad we hung out last night/this morning.
there's no one else i would have rather spent it with, honestly.<3

AUDREY said...

so like...shantae, i canot believe you just threw frolic, meadow, and holding hands into the same sentence.

you make me wanna throw you on the dr phil show.

sall good tho :)

i adore you woman!
im glad that we had fun, even tho we got lost & shtuff.