No, but seriously. that was prolly one of the funniest things that happened last night.
So, lemme start by telling you guys a story.

Last night, Rachel and I were in Walmart just to use the bathroom, and it was almost midnight. Rachel all of a sudden wanted to be OUTSIDE to bring in the new year, so we ran. RAN. This old lady that worked there was all like "don't run you'll fall", but we just kept running. and THEN, this creeper was staring so hard as he was driving into the parking lot, that he almost broke his neck looking at us. WTF! then when he got out of the car, I swear Rachel probably gave this dude a freakin erection because she just HAD to tell him happy new year. It was great! He was cheesin' so hard that he didn't even STOP smiling to say it back. Like..he said it through clenched teeth. Is that weird? Yeah...I think so.

Anyways, let's start at the beginning.....

Rachel, Bekka, David, and i all went to Suzie's party. Well, the "getting there" part was a lot more fun than actually making it there, if that makes sense. I guess last night I realized that I make people laugh easily. That's just grand, right? RIGHT! Anyways, I kind of don't want to put all the details in, but the night was filled with getting lost, Burger King, creepy Walmart dudes, and....yeah. That's about it. No drugs, alcohol, or crazy serial killers. I made it home safe, and alla that great stuff.

Anyways, um.....I love Rachel George aka Stuart aka Dyke Sweater aka soulmate.


secret love notes said...

i think it actually would have been kind of funny if one of us fell? xD
and whatever, that guy was totally in love with you. he's your new soulmate. ;]
i love you, missy! :D

AUDREY said...

yeah...as dumb as that sounds, i kinda was thinking in my brain, like OMG i don't wanna fall.

dude...we shoulda took a picture with him. LMFAO.