So, I was really going to blog about how crative and fucking smart Asian people are, but I really don't want to say any certain shit that will offend the Asian people. Um....So, I guess I won't.

Well, lemme just point out that Asians are like the smartest people EVER. Like if it wasn't for Chine, the fucking US would have like ZERO goods. Seriously. And like, every smart, funny, or fucking talented person on YouTube, is a FUCKING ASIAN! Like....FORREAL! I guess it kind of caught my attention with first Shantae's (theclicheblogger.blogspot.com) post about her Asian Christmas, then it was this YouTuber's video about Asian Christmas gifts or whatever (youtube.com/communitychannel), and then was lurking around and found like 20348920 make-up guru type people who were all Asian. Not to mention that Lizzy (slowjamtherapy.blogspot.com) and Shantae (theclicheblogger.blogspot.com) are both super creative and smart. Like..power to the Asian's. Fareal.

But like, no hatred towards the Asian people. I guess I'm a little envious because like....what are white people good at?

=| Yeah, I couldn't think of anything either....


Mara said...

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO omg you know whats so ironic about this? I just downloaded a program to learn Tagalog..which is the language of the Fillipino people... (their asian right? yeah their in that catagory im sure lol if not..i appologize) and i was thinking the same shit!! Its so crazy how i get like half of my domain comments from PINAY girls and i dont understand a fuckn word they say =|

AUDREY said...

yeah they are asian, that's what my blog buddy shantae is.

they are like fucking geniuses and shit.
it makes me mad! like...can you be bad at something. PLEASE! ANYTHING!

i saw this boy on youtube singing his heart out..and he was asian.
i was like jesus christ! what cant they do.

Ariele said...

that last line killed me hahaha

but yes asians have alotta shit on lock. and there are some fine ass filipino boys out there *smh*

Jessica Nichole;; [RIP JMD] said...

asians are tightt!

thats why i look like em'
[[cause im tighht]]


AUDREY said...

i love you jesica.
that's why your name in my fone is "jessica my favorite asian"

& yeahhh the the boys are smexyyy

secret love notes said...

omg, i know exactly what you're saying!
white people suck. :[ lol.