Today was a great day. It was one of the best days I've had in a while, considering. Anyways, I hung out with Rachel today.

It kind of sucked because her mom was being a douche bag & she couldn't hang out with me long, but it's all good. We first couldn't decide where to go, between MAC and Target. The whole thing about it is, I kinda want to get into makeup just like Rach. She does amazing makeup and I wished I could do the same. Another reason why is because I don't go to school anymore. I need more hobbies to keep me company, ya know? Anyways, MAC would've been more for Rachel and Target more in my direction. If we would've went to MAC, I was going to buy her something, since I didn't get her anything for Christmas. The reason we went to Target was because Rachel told em about these brushes at Target that were cheap and that I could start out with.

I ended up getting a few things.

So, that's what I managed to get. Not to mention that THIS is pretty much the start of my makeup collection.
I got the Ecotools 6 piece brush set, Queen Collection CoverGirl eyeshadow quad (deep ocean, blue caribbean, misty seas, and arctic glow), CoverGirl Eye Enhancers- turquoise Tempest,CoverGirl Eye Enhancers- Lime Alive, CoverGirl Eye Enhancers- Gold Sizzle, Loreal Hip Duo- Rascal, and Loreal Hip Duo- Brazen. I'm pretty satisfied with what I got. I DID try it out today, but I haven't uploaded the pictures yet, I will tomorrow.

After I hung out with Rachel, I went out with my cousin and some friends. It was Cassie, Nikki, Jerry, and Josh. We had fun. First we went to McDonalds. It was really creepy because we went at like ( and for some reason they were watching us as we came in. This gave us the impression that they were either closed or actually CLOSING. We went in, but were expecting to have a burger full of saliva for coming in so late. Whatever, though. It was fun. We cracked jokes about the whole saliva thing, talked about computer hacking, and a bunch of other just random shit. It was cool. We went bowling afterwards. THAT was fun. I haven't went bowling in a hot minute, but I liked it. At first I really sucked, but as each frame passed I got a little better. It was overall fun. OH YEAH, we drove by this new bridge that you can walk on. It looks like it's being held up by strings. It looks scary, yet amusing. I know Rach and her friends went on it, and I decided that I wanna go. Anybody wanna go with me? :)

If you guys don't know, I started ANOTHER blog. A blog that keeps track of my shoe game and all that great stuff. I explain more about it on the actual blog, so if you wanna check THAT out- www.eatsneaks.blogspot.com. Follow, comment, whatever you want to do with that. I explain more about WHY I started it, on the actual blog. I pretty much finished up the layout for it tonight. Here it is...

You can also view that and OTHER graphics on my Flickr account-http://www.flickr.com/photos/feedmekicks.

I haven't really updated on that because I just realized that I was going to use it for my graphics and shit like that.

And to leave you guys on a good note, watch this video.


secret love notes said...

my mom is a douche.
but we will hang out again soon dont worry<3
and your makeup looks all sexy, i can't wait to see pictures of it on you!
i'm glad you had fun bowling and stuff :]
and your new layout is gonna be hawwwwt.
ily <3

Mara said...

Oh you right down my alley now :) You can buy cheaper brushes from eyeslipsface.com their only a dollar a brush! you can also check out cherryculture.com for really cheap makeup and its great quality. I buy from both sites :) so its Mara approved. :D

♥ Judy M. ; said...

ilove makeup!!!!!!!1

Chicky Love! said...

omgggg me and make up does not get along, me and eye liner go well together tho, i don't even know how to paint finger nails lmaoooooooo ahah omg. your graphics are amazing i wish i could do what you do lol. and thinks for my fan sing my love, your amazinggg i still have to make yours lol. <3 r

Anonymous said...

Lol, I can't even walk into a store without wanting to buy makeup. Lol enticing much?

Glad you had fun dear!