Today was just a tad bit depressing. I didn't go back to school and everyone else did. It kind of hurt because I know things will change. I really think that I will walk out of this situation with only Jessica and Rachel by my side, which is okay, but it just sucks.

I kinda want to just pour my whole heart out about the situation, but then again.....


secret love notes said...

pour your heart out.
thats what blogs are for.:]
i love you mucho alot times a million. xD

Mara said...

I think sometimes you dont recognize your own strength, beauty, and intellegents :( youre always talking about this person or that person and who is double crossing you as a friend and stuff, but sometimes you have to think about yourself! do you think youre a wonderful person and friend? well hell i do! you should look at yourself as a great person standing a lone..you dont NEED anyone to validate you girl. but i do understand, friends are somewhat important. as long as you can trust one person (and usually thats a family member), than everything is good.

♥ Judy M. ; said...

let it all out!
thas what ur blog is for!

and nope i havent.
but im bout to go listen