So, my internet buddy, Mara, started me on pen palling. It's really fun, even though it's not as popular nowadays. i dunno how you guys feel, but I know I get super excited when I get things in the mail. Maybe this is just because I don't get loads of bills and stuff in the mail. Who knows! But anyways, I haven't been finding any pen pals as of lately, which sucks. I have loads of time on my hands now that I don't go to high school anymore. I only know of one site, and I guess they have been slow on approving the ads you can place for a pen pal. As of now I have 3 pen pals.

I was upset because I could never find any really cute lined paper to write with, but today my mom surprised me with about 7 tablets of different writing paper! I love her. <33

This is like my 3rd post of the day....I know I'm bored.


Anonymous said...

i love her too.
: ]