This weekend was...different.

I started off not going to work on Friday because they gave my hours away to someone else.

Saturday, I went to my cousin Cassie's Olive Garden dinner. I had a fun time there. It was even funnier because they kept calling her Cathi. Super funny. They sang to her in Italian, and they called her Cathi. Anyways, that day my makeup looked really nice. I will probably post pictures in a little bit.

After I left the dinner, it was too late to hang out with Rachel, so we made plans to stay over on Sunday.

I went over to Teresa's house and talked with her from like midnight, all the way until like 4 in the morning.
We talked about Mike, Scott, females, death, hoes, sex, and a lot of other things. It made me really realize that she is a good person who has been through a lot in life.

Sunday, I went to work and got into an argument with the bitch that got my hours at work. She lied to the manager and said I called her a bitch.

After work I went to Rachel's house. Before that, we stopped at Bekka's. There was a weird guy. He was all fucked up on cocaine. Rachel and I made a video imitating his ass! It was funny. I dunno if we are going to publicize the video yet, though. We put on make up at like midnight, just to take pictures together. The pictures turned out okay, but Blaze kept being rude. =/ I actually had fun, even though I don't feel like blogging about everything that happened....